The 7 day transformation course is designed as a crash course in developing your social skills and dating prospects in a compact, weeklong course. We will spend 5 hours per day together, split in to 2 x 2.5 hour sessions, to optimize focus and effective use of time, whilst also giving the client the opportunity to use the skills he/she learns without the assistance of a coach, outside of the 2.5 hour slots. The 7 day course is extremely effective at building the habit of socializing on a day to day basis. For many people, the habit or remaining quiet and introspective throughout a regular day has become deeply entrenched, and to replace this habit with one of social fluidity and regular interaction with the people we find attractive or


interesting, as a friend or a romantic prospect, can take many days and extended focus to overhaul. The 7 day course is arranged in a linear manner, whereby client and coach will define specific, attainable social-lifestyle goals to begin with, developing a detailed plan towards achieving these goals.


At the start of the week, the session times will run in to the late afternoon, finishing around 6pm, then from Thursday, the focus of the latter session (unless otherwise arranged with coach) will shift towards night-time environments (bars, clubs, events) and run in to the late evening, finishing around midnight. 


The coaching for the week is structured to take you from the initial, warm-up stages (approaching the people to whom you are attracted and offering a compliment or asking a question), in order to build confidence and social momentum, to some more advanced conversation skills, such as respectfully and authentically building banter, rapport, teasing, and casually exchanging details in order to meet and connect again. By the end of this course, clients will have a clearly defined set of social goals, and will have a manageable plan to achieve them. Clients will understand how to build strong social bonds with other individuals, how to build social networks with high-value individuals, and how to be confident and charismatic in romantic situations and environments (parties, cafes, events, bars, clubs and on dates!). 

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