(Recommended) The 1 Day (6 hours) coaching course is designed to provide you with the skills and

experience necessary to design and accomplish your ideal social life. The course is divided in to

2 x 3 hour sessions, with a break in between to optimize productivity and concentration. For the first

few minutes, I will help you to understand and clarify your specific goals in detail, after which I will

take you to environments optimal for meeting the types of people you want to meet. For the first three

hours, we normally focus on approaching and meeting individuals in high-paced environments, such

as the street or in busy malls. I will move at your pace, not pushing you or creating a sense that any

action is ‘forced’, but instead mindfully motivating you to develop your social-resilience (often called

‘social freedom’, the ability to withstand awkwardness and not to feel self-conscious in typically high

pressure social environments). 

For the second three hour session, we will move to environments where a more situational approach to meeting and connecting with people is advised. In the afternoons, we may visit one or many of the following  environments: coffee-shops, art galleries, museums, bookshops, music events, all depending on your own preferences. If you would prefer to focus on meeting people in the evenings, we will visit some fun and easy going bars, where we can move together meeting individuals and groups of people, and developing your social networks and/or romantic connections as per your specific goals. We may also visit some exclusive night clubs in the city, if previously agreed with Sam during your initial phone call.


By the end of your 1 Day Session, you will have a set of realistic, clear and meaningful goals toward a better social life. You will know hoe to approach any person you choose, in any environmental, and will have 1st hand experience to supplement your knowledge. You will leave my course motivated, educated, and entertained - ready to take on whatever obstacles lie in the way of your ideal social life.


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