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Loneliness is an epidemic, and online relationships are usurping the space of face to face interaction

I am here to restore real, mindful human connection in to people’s lives.


As such, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people get the most out of their social lives - whether dating, friendship, or professional networks.

At the age of 19, at Nottingham University, after the end of a toxic relationship I decided to fix my social problems.

I decided to go out, every day, and approach women, face to face, in the daytime. It was not a normal thing to do, that's what people told me. It was not what people were used to. People think of confidence as something you are either born with, or without.


But I became experienced, over time I lost my fear of approaching the women I was attracted to, and over time, I grew accustomed to rejection from women. A woman telling me no was not a burden, and as I became accustomed to rejection, I was less afraid, which lead to acceptance.

The act of approaching no longer made me afraid, and I began to see this influence all areas of my life, I started a business and began working with students with learning difficulties: Autism Spectrum disorders, Dysphesia, Depersonalisation/Derealisation. 


I've experienced the latter, and I know how many others have experienced similar challenges with Identity, and feeling that there is untapped potential inside you, that never sees the light of day.

I learned patience, and learnt to provide a safe space in which to receive the specific obstacles of each person with whom I work.


I've worked for 6 years, helping men to set clear and attainable dating and relationship goals, and pursue them systematically in order to achieve the social freedom they desire. 

I Help you to meet women

Inside a client coaching session

In these videos, some of my clients were happy to have a full, 1-1 coaching sessions filmed and published, to inspire other people to make the change and become a more effective and mindful communicator.


In these examples, clients were facing a number of different sticking points, and from a variety of backgrounds. 

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