In an age where loneliness is an epidemic, and online relationships are usurping the space of face to face interaction, I am passionate about restoring real, mindful human connection in to people’s lives. As such, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people get the most out of their social lives - whether dating, friendship, or professional networks. I've worked for 6 years, helping men to set clear and attainable social goals, and pursue them systematically in order to achieve the social freedom they desire. 


Having worked closely with university students who experience a number of learning difficulties and mental health setbacks (Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dysthymia, Depersonalisation and Clinical Depression), I have developed yogi-like patience, and always provide a safe space in which to receive the specific obstacles of each person with whom I work.


I know that all sounds a bit serious.. but it’s also a lot of fun! When you start building your social skills, the world opens up before you. I’m here to be your guide!


The Fundamentals of Cold Approach is a one-stop product designed for men, to teach you how to mindfully and respectfully approach and meet the women you find attractive, in any environment, in the daytime. At just under 2 hours, the product is concise and straight forward, offering you specific methods of approaching and interacting with women, in a way that makes her feel safe, is not demeaning or derogatory, and most importantly, is honest! Examples are based in three environments: walking in the the street, in a bookshop, and standing with a group of friends. I introduce the three specific styles of approach, Direct, Situational, and by asking a contextually relevant question. I demonstrate, with real life, spontaneous interactions, how to perform each specific approach, and then breakdown in detail why each approach is effective in each respective environment. I also answer a number of frequently asked questions which relate specifically to each technique, and these answers give a broad overview of the skill set required to meet and attract the women you like. The product will not delve in to the more detailed techniques required to build meaningful conversations, as these skills are better suited to 1-1 coaching. The product is an introductory course, aimed at men who wish to take the first practical steps toward approaching and meeting the women they like in the daytime. For any questions relating to your interest in the Fundamentals of Cold Approach, please email me at Admin@fluid.social. I look forward to hearing your questions or feedback on the course!

Client Transformations

In these videos, some of my clients were happy to have a full, 1-1 coaching sessions filmed and published, to inspire other people to make the change and become a more effective and mindful communicator. In these examples, clients were facing a number of different sticking points, and from a variety of backgrounds. 


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